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2011 Tribe Men's Soccer - 20 Questions
Updated: Tuesday 07/19/2010 (ET)
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2011 Tribe Men's Soccer - 20 Questions

Nicolas Abrigo

Did You Know?

• Nicolas has family in both Chile and Peru.

• Nicolas would like to have lunch with Kevin Hart.

20 Questions with Nicolas Abrigo

Chris Albiston

Did You Know?

• Chris would love to go skydiving.

• Chris is afraid of elevators.

20 Questions with Chris Albiston

Ben Anderson

Did You Know?

• Ben's favorite type of food is Italian.

• Ben's best non-athletic skill is playing the guitar.

20 Questions with Ben Anderson

Aaron Baldwin

Did You Know?

• Aaron's favorite place he has visited is Japan.

• Aaron would like to be a marine biologist.

20 Questions with Aaron Baldwin

John Ciampa

Did You Know?

• John would like to go around the world in a hot air balloon.

• John is afraid of being buried alive.

20 Questions with John Ciampa

Ben Coffey

Did You Know?

• Ben would like to have lunch with Kanye West.

• Ben wants to backpack around Europe.

20 Questions with Ben Coffey

Chris Dunn

Did You Know?

• Chris loves Korean food.

• Chris would like to have lunch with Morgan Freeman.

20 Questions with Chris Dunn

Alex Harrington

Did You Know?

• Alex's best non-athletic skill is public speaking.

• Alex would like to be a pro athlete or a sports agent.

20 Questions with Alex Harrington

Neil Harrison

Did You Know?

• Neil is a fan of the Dave Matthews Band.

• Neil is afraid of spiders.

20 Questions with Neil Harrison

Andrew Hinnant

Did You Know?

• Andrew would like to have lunch with Martin Luther King Jr.

• Andrew is afraid of heights.

20 Questions with Andrew Hinnant

Bennett Jones

Did You Know?

• Marcus' best non-athletic skills are his musical abilities.

• Marcus is afraid of heights.

20 Questions with Bennett Jones

Andrew Kestler

Did You Know?

• Andrew would like to have lunch with Fernando Torres.

• Andrew would like to go to Rome, Italy.

20 Questions with Andrew Kestler

Daniel Laws

Did You Know?

• Daniel would like to run with the bulls.

• Daniel is afraid of sharks.

20 Questions with Daniel Laws

Stephen Laws

Did You Know?

• Stephen would like to helicopter-snowboard in Alaska.

• Stephen's favorite type of food is Thai.

20 Questions with Stephen Laws

Marcus Luster

Did You Know?

• Marcus is afraid of heights.

• Marcus' favorite place is Costa Rica.

20 Questions with Marcus Luster

Andrew Mahan

Did You Know?

• Andrew was a medal-winning swimmer.

• Andrew is terrified of getting his blood drawn.

20 Questions with Andrew Mahan

Zachary Montebell

Did You Know?

• Zachary wants to be the next host of Jeopardy!

• Zachary has never eaten Ramen Noodles.

20 Questions with Zachary Montebell

Patrick O'Brien

Did You Know?

• Patrick's favorite place is Jamaica.

• Patrick would like to visit every continent.

20 Questions with Patrick O'Brien

Roshan Patel

Did You Know?

• Roshan would like to start his own business.

• Roshan would love to have lunch with Gandhi.

20 Questions with Roshan Patel

Chris Perez

Did You Know?

• Chris would like to be a soccer coach one day.

• Chris's favorite place is France.

20 Questions with Chris Perez

Will Smith

Did You Know?

• Will plays competitive golf in the summer.

• Will's favorite place is Paris, France.

20 Questions with Will Smith

Colin Smolinsky

Did You Know?

• Colin has lived in nine different states.

• Colin would like to play golf for the Tribe.

20 Questions with Colin Smolinksy

Michael Teiman

Did You Know?

• Michael wuld like to be a professional "footballer".

• Micahel's favorite food is Chinese.

20 Questions with Michael Teiman

Caleb Thomas

Did You Know?

• ???

• ???

• 20 Questions with Caleb Thomas

Josh West

Did You Know?

• Josh once lived in England.

• Josh kicked for his high school football team.

20 Questions with Josh West

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