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2011-12 Tribe Women's Basketball - 20 Questions
Updated: Tuesday 07/19/2010 (ET)
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2011-12 Tribe Women's Basketball - 20 Questions

Janine Aldridge

Did You Know?

• Janine's dream job is to be an NFL quarterback.

• Janine would love to go to Ireland.

20 Questions with Janine Aldridge

Jazmen Boone

Did You Know?

• Jazmen cannot live without Mexican food.

• Jazmen was born in Naples, Italy.

20 Questions with Jazmen Boone

Emily Correal

Did You Know?

• Emily's favorite person to follow on Twitter is Justin Bieber.

• Emily's favorite tradition is team karaoke.

20 Questions with Emily Correal

Katherine DeHenzel

Did You Know?

• Katherine would like to own her own business.

• Katherine's favorite TV show is Criminal Minds.

20 Questions with Katherine DeHenzel

Taylor Hilton

Did You Know?

• Taylor is a DJ in her spare time.

• Taylor would like to travel to at least five other countries.

20 Questions with Taylor Hilton

Kyla Kerstetter

Did You Know?

• Kyla would like to have lunch with W&M alum Thomas Jefferson.

• Kyla would like to go skydiving.

20 Questions with Kyla Kerstetter

Anna Kestler

Did You Know?

• Anna's favorite food is sushi.

• Anna used to take piano lessons as a child.

20 Questions with Anna Kestler

Dana Lotito

Did You Know?

• Dana played the piano for 10 years.

• Dana wants to be involved in education reform.

20 Questions with Dana Lotito

Kailtlyn Mathieu

Did You Know?

• Kaitlyn would like to visit every state in the country.

• Kaitlyn volunteers with the Special Olympics.

20 Questions with Kaitlyn Mathieu

Jaclyn McKenna

Did You Know?

• Jaclyn would like to go skydiving.

• Jaclyn is afraid of Great White sharks.

20 Questions with Jaclyn McKenna

MacKenzie Morrison

Did You Know?

• MacKenzie's dream is to be a sports psychologist.

• MacKenzie would like to have lunch with Candace Parker.

20 Questions with MacKenzie Morrison

Chanel Murchison

Did You Know?

• Chanel's favorite TV show is Law & Order: SVU.

• Chanel used to collect Barbie dolls.

20 Questions with Chanel Murchison

Taysha Pye

Did You Know?

• If Taysha could play another sport it would be tennis.

• Taysha has six siblings.

20 Questions with Taysha Pye

Victoria Willems

Did You Know?

• Victoria's favorite type of food is Mexican.

• Victoria loves to paint.

20 Questions with Victoria Willems

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