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Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: Monday 01/01/2012 (ET)
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What is the difference between the Athletic Education Foundation (AEF) and the Tribe Club?

None. They are interchangeable names for the fund raising arm of William & Mary Athletics. In 1999, the AEF started using the more familiar "Tribe Club" name to help donors and fans identify with the group.

If I belong to a Booster club (e.g. Quarterback Club, Closer's Club, Friends of Field Hockey) relating to W&M athletics then am I a member of the Tribe Club?

It depends. For some, the Tribe Club acts as the liaison for the sport's booster club (e.g. Diamond Club, Fast Break Club, Quarterback Club). These do not qualify you for membership into the Tribe Club. Other associations, such as the Dudley Jensen Swim Society, HEYFARL, 12th Man Club, and "Friends of" groups, base membership on a minimum donation to that sport. The best way to determine if your payment to a booster club counts a donation, as opposed to dues, to the club is if you receive an official Tax Receipt from the William & Mary gift accounting office. If you receive this receipt, then you are an official member of the Tribe Club and you will receive Membership Benefits based on your giving level.

If I become a member of the Tribe Club, will my donation go to all athletics, or can I direct my gift to a specific area?

Donors may direct their gift to any team or program in our athletic department that they desire to support and their donation will be allocated according to the donor's designation.

If I designate my gift to the Football program, will I receive priority seating and parking privileges for Men's Basketball?

All members of the Tribe Club, regardless of where their gift is directed to, will receive priority seating and parking credit for the sports that offer these benefits.

If I played in the Tribe Club Sports Outing, will that count as part of my yearly contribution?

The Tribe Club golf outing, as well as all other events that require a paid admission, are not counted as an annual gift.

If I was a Tribe Club member a couple of years ago, will I still receive priority privileges for football and basketball?

Priority seating and parking are only available to those members who are current in their contributions and are season ticket holders. Donations made between July 1 and June 30 are eligible for benefits and privileges in the following fiscal year. E.g. A gift made on March 1, 2006 will qualify the donor for priority seating (if available) for the 2006 Football, 2006 Men's Soccer, and 2006-07 Men's Basketball seasons. New donors who wish to make a gift after June 30 to become qualified for priority seating and parking are given a one-time exemption to purchase tickets in the same year. E.g. A gift made on August 15, 2006 will qualify a new donor for priority seating in 2006, Football, 2006 Men's Soccer, and 2006-07 Men's Basketball seasons.

My wife and I work for two different companies that have their own matching gift programs. How will we be credited for our gift if we applied for matching funds from both?

If each company matches your gift to athletics, then you will receive FULL matching credit for the total contribution. As a result you can not only double your gift but you might be able to triple or even quadruple your gift depending on the company's matching gift policy. Please be sure to notify the Tribe Club office if this is a possibility for proper credit.

Several of my friends made gifts in my honor for my birthday last year. What impact does that have on my membership and theirs?

Honorary gifts are credited to the respective person making the gift. Honorary recognition is given to the honoree, but no donor benefits (gift club status, listings, points, etc.) are awarded to that person.

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail us at Thanks for your support! 

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