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2011-12 Tribe Women's Basketball Blog
Updated: Friday 12/14/2011 (ET)
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Victoria Willems
December 14, 2011

We have had great practices this past week and a half, and we continue to get better everyday. Finals have been rough, but then again every time I get a little stressed out about them, I remind myself that we go to a rigorous academic school and it will all pay off in the end.

I am looking forward to these next three games because it's been way too long since we have had one.  Also, I am really excited to go back home for Christmas to see my family and friends back in Texas.  So overall this is going to be an exciting winter break and I hope we can have as many fans as possible to come out to support us!

- Victoria

Kaitlyn Mathieu
November 20, 2011

The week started out awesome! We beat Virginia Tech on their home court by 19.  If you didn't already know, we lost to them last year in double overtime and so all of us returning players were eager to meet them again and beat them, which we did! It was a huge win for us in our pre-conference season and it made Thanksgiving even better J

With two days off for Thanksgiving, which we were all very thankful to have, we were right back to it on Friday running off all of that delicious Thanksgiving meal.  We started preparing for our next game against Norfolk State. We are all very anxious to get back out onto the court tomorrow for our game and for the win!

This week we play 3 games, which includes our first conference game against Delaware right before we have our finals.  This week is going to be a HUGE week for the Tribe, get ready

- Kaitlyn

Emily Correal
November 14, 2011

One win in the books, many more to go! We started our season with a big win over Cornell the other night. It was one of the most fun games I've played at Kaplan Arena because we had a great time playing together, the fans were amazing, and we were so eager to play and win our first official game. All the work we had done this summer and in preseason, getting stronger and in good shape, paid off. It was great to see so many people come out to the game. I hope that they saw how much fun we are to watch and that we are a different team this year. Having fan support really sparks our energy during the game and gets us excited.

We have had two great practices and have watched film to prepare for our next opponent, the Richmond Spiders. I am super excited to play this team because the past two years they beat us at home. Now it's time for us to go over to their house for some payback! We have shoot around and pre-game meal then we are off to Richmond for the game. I know we would all love to see Tribe fans there. Hope you all can make it! God Bless.

- Emily

Chanel Murchison
November 9, 2011

It seems like just yesterday that we all gathered together for the first official day of practice, and Coach Taylor told us that we had a month to prepare before the season would kick off. Well, here we are a month later and our first game is now only two days away. Yes, the time went by fast, but collectively we've worked hard and diligently.

With a scrimmage and an exhibition game under our belts I think we are ready to take on this season with a "no holds barred" attitude with a big chip on our shoulders. Our exhibition game on Sunday against Davis & Elkins was a great preview for the fans and ourselves of what we are capable of doing this season. We are picking up the pace and coming after our opponents defensively. This game gave us the opportunity to put our work into action and that's exactly what we did.

Now we are two days away from our first game, and this is the time where we focus up and prepare for our opponent, Cornell. We are going to take the season one game at a time, and get better everyday, learning and performing to our highest capability. I am confident in my teammates, my coaching staff, and myself and ready to show everyone that Tribe Women's Basketball will be a force to be reckoned with. Hope to see a great showing on Friday, November 11, at 7 PM in Kaplan Arena as the Tribe laces up against Cornell. GO TRIBE!!

- Chanel

Jaclyn McKenna
October 31, 2011

I can't believe October is coming to a close and our first game is less than two weeks away! I guess time just moves faster as you get older :)

It's been another exciting week for the Tribe!  On Wednesday our practice was open to season ticket holders, followed by our annual reception.  As always, it was great to meet some of the fans and alumni and share our excitement for the upcoming season with them.  Having such a loyal fan base of individuals who care about us as student-athletes is truly humbling.  At times like these I feel so blessed to attend a school with such a unique sense of community and tradition.

We have all been working hard since last spring, and are so eager to turn the corner and finally put it into action!  I feel as if the growing pains are over and as Taysha said last week, this is our year!  We have such a strong core of unique, experienced leaders in our upperclassmen, combined with a dynamic and talented group of freshmen.  I couldn't say more about the excitement I have for our team this year!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

- Jackie

Taysha Pye
October 24, 2011

This weekend was definitely one to remember! This was one of the best Homecomings that I've had since I've been with the Tribe, and it couldn't have come at a better time than my senior year! Although the game wasn't one for the ages, a great practice, spending time with the team at the tailgate and getting to know the W&M class of '81 was a blast. I felt the most Tribe pride this weekend than I had in while. It was great to not only bond with my teammates, but to also spend some time off the court with our coaches, who are hilarious!

After having such a long stretch of great practices there has been a feeling of excitement running through the team and we can't wait for the first game. We are really starting to build great chemistry and the freshmen are tying in at a great pace. I feel I can speak for the whole team when I say that this is our year. The hard work in practice is going to pay off in a big way!

- Taysha

Katherine DeHenzel
October 17, 2011

Summer seems like so long ago, but it was really only 2 months ago I was working in Charlottesville with Chanel. I have stayed with the company, NovoNail, and I work part time for them this year when I am not in class or on the court.

We had a few exciting events this week, my favorite being "family day" with the team after fall break. We each brought in a photo of our family and talked about our most prized possession as well. I learned a lot about my teammates that I did not know before, and it is nice to know everyone's family life back home. Another special event this past week was our first official practice! It has been a fantastic first few days.  The team's energy is vibrant and we are all working extremely hard to get better individually and as a team. We are focused on being the best defensive team in the league, but also working in our offensive sets to prepare for upcoming games. Taking a look at our talent this year keeps me excited and ready to start competing! 

This past Saturday morning our team volunteered to help at the Run for Breast Health 10K in Williamsburg. While maintaining our focus on the season and work in the classroom, it is important to use the platform we have as student-athletes in the community to give back. We count our blessings everyday and thank God for the privileges and abilities that he has provided us with!!!

Hope to see all of our fans and donors at our games this year.  Thank you for your support, we appreciate you :) 

- Kat

Janine Aldridge
October 10, 2011

So, I am currently in Boca Raton, Florida hanging out with my oldest brother Mike (24) and his friends during one of our only breaks of the year.  I rarely see him because he lives here in Florida so it's great seeing him! Even though I am enjoying my break, I am so excited for this season.

Being out all last year with my concussion was really frustrating and it was hard to watch my team playing without me.  I wanted to play SO badly. Now that I'm back, I am ready to play and get back on the court with my team.  Our preseason individuals and mini-practices have been great, with amazing energy from everyone. I have a good feeling that this year will be a huge improvement.  Everyone has been working so hard and I cannot wait to play!  I know the girls are just as excited as I am! LET'S GO TRIBE!!

- Janine

Jazmen Boone
September 28, 2011

My experience at William and Mary so far has been a good one. I believe I have been transitioning from a high school life style to a college life style very well. Academically, my classes are going well. My workload has started to become a tad bit heavier this week unfortunately, but other than that I really like my classes. My Beginning Acting class is probably my favorite class because the workload isn't as demanding as my other classes and I can actually do what I please and move freely. I have met a lot of people here and I'm really enjoying the academic part of being a student-athlete.

Basketball was rough in the beginning but I am now learning and adjusting to its schedule. I think that I have been improving on my running times, which is good because it's helping me get in to better shape. Lifting and conditioning has been an exciting experience for me this week as well because I have finally got down the techniques for some of the lifting exercises. Also, individuals this week has been fun because I feel like this week proved to me how much I have learned from being here and I love how we cheer and motivate each other during the drills.

This weekend, we had two recruits visit us. We performed skits for them, took them to the football game, did a scavenger hunt, and just showed them a really good time. My favorite part about the recruiting weekend was our team's tailgating dinner before the JMU vs. William and Mary football game because it allowed for us to bond together as a team and to really get to know our recruits and their families. I really like the recruits and really got to know them as people and basketball players during their visit. Hopefully they decide to come here next year so that they can be great additions to our team. :)

- Jazmen

MacKenzie Morrison
September 23, 2011

So far, my experiences at William and Mary have been just splendid.  The team has been working extremely hard in lifting and conditioning
and our basketball individual groups.  We recently got a brand new Shooting Gun that all of us have been using day in and day out.  This past Friday, I got up 750 shots in the span of about an hour.  Although my arms were dead tired, it was definitely worth it.     

Saturday the Football team had their first home game of the season.  It was freezing cold and rainy but we stood up the entire time and supported our boys till the very end.  This upcoming weekend is going to be very eventful.  Not only is it family weekend here in the 'Burg, but we have some recruits coming in, as well.  The football team also plays JMU this weekend so it should be a great game.  

T-minus 13 days till our first official practice!!  Even though I know it is going to be a lot of hard work, I know nothing worth having comes easy and that my teammates and coaches always have my back when the going gets rough.

- MacKenzie

Anna Kestler
September 12, 2011

I'm so excited to be at William & Mary, it is definitely different from my home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  My dorm room is a little on the warm side but I am working on getting an AC unit!  The students here are really nice and helpful with everything that I need in order to find my way around campus.

My classes have been interesting although we haven't experienced much of them yet because of the crazy hurricane right at the start of the school year.  I am anxious for our basketball season to start.  Our lifting and conditioning workouts have been going very well and everyone has been working hard to get better for this upcoming season.  All of the preseason practices are making me really excited for the team this year!

- Anna


Kyla Kerstetter
September 7, 2011

If I could describe my experience at William and Mary so far, I would say it has been action-packed and exhausting, but no doubt enjoyable.  From the thousands of new faces, to the few familiar faces of the team, everybody here has been welcoming and a tremendous help as I get used to my new home. Between basketball, schoolwork and my social life, I don't think I have had any downtime since the moment I stepped on to campus.  After the chaotic move-in process we were quickly put through orientation, which was a great way to meet people and learn a lot about campus that I didn't know.  I was able to get to know all the great girls on my hall and my roommates even better as we were thrown into some entertaining and sometimes-awkward activities such as speed dating and singing to other dorms.

Classes closely followed the end of orientation and I was introduced to a whole new style of fast-paced learning.  I will have to learn to embrace the teachers lecturing at lightning speeds, lots of textbook reading, and the high expectations set for us in the classroom.  The coaches also wasted no time with getting us prepared for what is ahead with weightlifting workouts, running, pick-up games, and fitness testing as we get ready to enter preseason. And although it's somewhat rigorous, I enjoy the challenge and can always depend on my team for support as we all go through it together.  Needless to say, I can't wait to embark on my first season on the Tribe and my first semester here at William and Mary.

- Kyla


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