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Updated: Tuesday 01/02/2012 (ET)
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What is your hometown?
Stafford County, Virginia

Do you have any siblings?
I have an older sister who has three kids. I also have a brother who is a graduating senior at Christopher Newport University.

What High School did you go to?
Stafford High School in Stafford County, Virginia.

What is your major?
Process Management and Consultant Major in the Mason School of Business. Consulting is a newer field in which a business hires a consultant to come in and improve some of the business's processes in order to make the business more efficient.

What is your summer job?
I work at the Backfin. Getting a chance to meet all of the local people and fans is a great experience.

As a William & Mary Football player, what has been your most memorable moment?
Before the Virginia game in 2009, [former William & Mary all time great] Michael Clements gave us a pep talk. He was really good and got the whole team fired up and chanting. It was a great atmosphere and a rare occasion that someone other than coach talked to us before a game.

Why did you decide to attend The College of W&M?
I think it was fate. William and Mary was my one and only official visit. Although I was offered visits at other schools, I felt like my decision was pretty concrete. They asked me to play and I accepted it. I love the school. The facilities and people here are great.

What was the transition like from tailback to linebacker?
I came to campus as a running back having never played linebacker before. The transition happened when I was in camp. I was impatient [for playing time] and saw the need for a linebacker, so I talked to coach.

Who inspired you to continue playing football in college?
I've had that goal all my life. Seeing some guys from my high school get drafted to the NFL inspired me to further my career. It's been a lifelong dream of mine.

Is there anyone that has made a positive impact on your life beyond your parents?
My high school football and basketball coaches, Chad Lewis and Steve Spicer. When I was younger I could be difficult to deal with and I had a terrible temper. Neither of my coaches would put up with my temper at all. They set me in place and I thank them for that everyday. They provided me with valuable lessons.

Growing up, who was your favorite football player?
I had a few, Ronnie Lott and Dick 'Night Train' Lane where some of my favorites, but Brian Dawkins was my overall favorite, and still is.

What position did you play in high school?
I played some safety, but I was mainly a running back.

What is your favorite NFL team?
The Philadelphia Eagles, born and raised. My dad was from Philly and a lot of my family lives in Philadelphia so growing up, I really had no choice.

What are your primary interests other than football?
My faith is an intricate part of my life. I lead small groups of high school sophomores at the Christian Life Center and The Williamsburg Community Chapel. My primary focus is to be a good influence on their lives.

Do you have any nicknames?
When I came here for the Plus Program in the summer before my freshman year, we were working start offs and I ran a nice play that ended with a catch. A few of the older players started calling me Swag. Everyone calls me Swag, but I prefer Dante.

Before games do you have any superstitions or rituals?
The night before games, Jabrel Mines and I sometimes watch Chelsea Lately. Then in the morning we wake up and watch Rachael Ray on game day.

Do you have any special talents that no one knows about?
I like to cook a little bit; I'm starting to get better. But if I wasn't here in Williamsburg, I think I would be a country singer. The name of my first song would be "Home Cookin'," referring to Stafford County.

What's your favorite song?
My favorite song is "Coming Around Again" by Simon Webbe.

Have you ever found football hard to balance with school?
Absolutely, not difficult to where I couldn't manage, but it's a lot trying to be all there in class and give it your all on the football field. It's a really tough balance, but I think I have done pretty well.

After finishing your college football career, where do you see yourself?
Playing on Sundays. If NFL doesn't workout, my dream job would be to have my own show on the Speed Channel where I would fix up cars and show off my personality.

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